Beeswax wraps 3- pack
Bivaxduk rund 3-pack - mardashop
Beeswax wraps 3- pack
Beeswax wraps 3- pack
Beeswax wraps 3- pack
Beeswax wraps 3- pack

Beeswax wraps 3- pack

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Keep your food fresh without plastic!

Beeswax  cm i diameter < br>
A beeswax wrap can be used for storing vegetables, bread, cheese, dinner leftovers, fermenting doughs, etc. both inside and outside the refrigerator and is a climate friendly alternative to plastic foil.


Made of recycled cotton fabric and beeswax.
As all textiles are upcycled, patterns and colors may vary.
Current patterns and colors are updated regularly.
The fabric Little Dalom Roses comes from a collaboration with the fine company Emylittle the products are made of leftover cotton fabric from their production of children's clothes and with beeswax from Bergslagen.
Close using the heat from your hands. The wax stabilizes as it cools down and keeps the desired shape.
Reuse - Clean in cold water and with a mild detergent. Avoid drying in direct sunlight.

An easy and fun way to reduce the plastic use in your home.

Usually ships within 4-5 working days.

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